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Munchie Match is a mix of old school and modern matching puzzle games with new and unique features you have never seen before. 

Finally, a more interactive match 3 game that will leave you at the edge of your seat, challenge you on the spot, problem solving skills as you get through a multitude of unique levels, with a variety of objectives and obstacles.

If you have been looking for something more intense than your average match 3 game, look no further, this is the game for you!

This game is action packed with numerous intricate puzzles involving fun, colored food. Quickly maneuver and match the descending hamburgers, hot dogs and tacos to get points or to create new, more powerful food that will help you achieve your goal.

Watch out for the hungry monsters, they eat anything in their paths and might ruin your progress. Capture them ASAP!

Pop the ascending bubble before it floats too high or else it's game over!

Food factories will create large piles of food, use it to your advantage but use it carefully, it could be your demise!

Get rewarded for your hard work with new power-ups and new food!


Buy Now$4.99 CAD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 CAD. You will get access to the following files:

Munchie Match mac:Osx.zip 79 MB
MunchieMatch_pc.zip 137 MB


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Interesting game. My only qualm is that I wish keyboard controls were mentioned in the tutorial, as I didn't understand what other keys were available other than the bottom arrow keys (and then I found out ASD are also usable); I found myself tapping Z, X, and C to try to find how to rotate the block. I found it a bit odd that Space Bar was used for almost everything except for stage selection, which required Enter; it'd be nice if Space Bar could double up on that.

We added a tutorial on the first level for the controls, we also made it so the Space Bar let's you select a stage. This will come on the next update, thank you for playing and helping on improving the game with the feedback!