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Award-Winning Game (Winner of the Indie Ignite Game Developer Competition Season 2 from Skillz)

Action packed arcade game with numerous intricate puzzles involving fun, colourful food. Multiple modes to choose from with 100+ levels. Retro tile matching mechanics with challenging, new & unique features. Challenge your friends locally!

Re-imagining the match 3 genre

Finally, a more interactive tile matching game that will leave you at the edge of your seat, challenge you on the spot and test your problem solving skills as you get through a multitude of unique levels with a variety of objectives and obstacles. Have you been playing retro match 3 games but want more? Look no further, this is the game for you! Watch out for the hungry monsters, they eat anything in their paths and might ruin your progress. Capture them ASAP! Pop the ascending bubbles before it floats too high or else it's game over! Food factories will create large piles of food; use it to your advantage but use it carefully, it could be your demise!

Campaign mode

100+ Uniquely handcrafted levels. You will have to think strategically and quickly to win these levels. Can you beat each one at 100%?

Endless arcade mode

See how high you can score with a plain level that gradually becomes faster and more difficult.

Classic arcade mode

Destroy a set amount of monsters per level with old school restrictions, emulating the retro feel of tile matching games and making you think differently.

Couch Co-Op

Challenge your friends locally in split screen mode. You can both use the same keyboard like the old days, plug two controllers! This is exclusive available for the computer version!

This computer version also has no ads and unlimited lives!


Buy Now$4.99 CAD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 CAD. You will get access to the following files:

Munchie Match Linux 45 MB
Munchie Match Mac 45 MB
Munchie Match Windows 44 MB

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Interesting game. My only qualm is that I wish keyboard controls were mentioned in the tutorial, as I didn't understand what other keys were available other than the bottom arrow keys (and then I found out ASD are also usable); I found myself tapping Z, X, and C to try to find how to rotate the block. I found it a bit odd that Space Bar was used for almost everything except for stage selection, which required Enter; it'd be nice if Space Bar could double up on that.

We added a tutorial on the first level for the controls, we also made it so the Space Bar let's you select a stage. This will come on the next update, thank you for playing and helping on improving the game with the feedback!